Anatomy Lesson 1 – Her Eyes

It wasn’t until I met her,
That I felt the touch of another
Human’s eyes.

I tried, unsuccessfully just to
Glance at her,
To take in just a breath of her beauty,

But in that glance, our eyes connected.

And in that moment, I found myself unable…
Unable to look away.

There was a supple softness to her eyes,
But a simultaneous strength, and clarity,
As if communicating both grace, and power.

Drawn in, I could not stop the feel of
Her eyes on me, the warmth of the look.

Sensual, beckoning, but saying so with
Her abundant control of the moment.

I looked more deeply at those eyes…
Totally taken.

Dark, rich, almost shimmering,
Her eyes seemed to define her very center.
All the energy, and power, and passion.

Framed by the essence of graceful lashes,
And brows slightly lifted,
Her eyes seemed to be asking,
If there was more.

More than just a casual glance.

More to know about me.

More to touch…
And risk.

That chance encounter with her,
That crossroads,
That quickening,

Exposed the depth and singular beauty of,

Her eyes.


Next Anatomy Lesson – Her Lips


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.


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