Just Getting By

She hadn’t been gone all that long,
Maybe just a few days,
And in just a few more,
She would be back from her trip.

He went through the routine without her,
And with little trouble.
The daily tasks to take care of the house,
He handled unthinkingly.

He watered the plants,
Did the yard work,
All the necessities.

But colorless.

His dinners were nothing special,
Quiet… despite the noise of
The baseball game he thought he was watching.

The single life wasn’t all that bad…

He had complete freedom,

He could watch what he wanted to,

The meals could be his preference.

He could do this…





Getting by…he thought.

Getting by, while his heart bled,
And his life slipped into nothingness.

Getting by… just getting by.

Needing her, desperately,
To return.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.



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