Not Without You

I know life brings each of us ups and downs.
And for me, this has been a time of downs.

The struggles I face now seem so daunting.
All the things I’ve worked for were so close to succeeding…
So close I could almost touch them.

Now…I feel lost.

But in all this stress,
In all this frustration,
In all this fear for the future…
I realize this.

In the pain this life journey brings, inevitably,
You are there.

To walk with me,
To comfort me,
To hold my hand and help me bear this burden.

I don’t deserve you.

Why do you grant me such grace and peace,
And comfort?

I love you…and now, with my heart so open,
Want you to know…

I can’t do this without you.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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