There she stood,
In front of the bathroom mirror,
Exposed to the eyes of that unforgiving glass,
Wearing only her panties and bra…
And a look of worry.

Another year older…
She wondered if she could halt the tide of time.

Gazing at that mirror,
Gazing at herself,
She studied each part of her body.

No fault, nor flaw was overlooked.
In her mind, the beautiful woman she knew herself to be,
Was reflected in that mirror.

But it was hard work to maintain the figure,
Each year that passed made it all the more difficult.

The demands of her life…
Her family,
And her profession,
Asked so much of her.

How could she possibly keep this routine?

How could she possibly find the strength,
And commitment,
To hold off the tide of time?

She wanted to look beautiful,
And feel beautiful,
Not only for herself…
But for her husband.

What would he think?

What would he see when he looked at her?

Would he still see that beautiful, sensual,
Young woman he married,
So many years ago?

She felt his hands on her waist…

She looked in that same mirror,
And saw him standing behind her.

Slowly, he lifted her hair,
And gently began kissing her neck.

His heat was now…

And in that moment,
All her questions were answered.

He loved,
And cherished,
And longed to touch her.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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