It had been a long, very long day.

Early start after a restless night,
Unsatisfying, unfulfilling sleep.

But he fought through all of it,
The pressures of work,
The insanity of the commute…

Wanting desperately to make it to
The end of this day.

To sit down,
Shut down,
Tune out…

Turn off.

But when he finally reached that
Precious oasis,
That pending peace,
He remembered.

He remembered that he had things he needed
To do…

To do for her.

Her life was no less challenging than his…
Perhaps more so.

She had tests,
And fears,

And dreams.

She had him in her life,
But needed desperately for him
To be part of her life as well.

All he could think about was the look in her eyes
When he told her that all was complete…
What she had counted on him to complete…

And in that moment, he would see her eyes soften,
And hear her voice lower,
And relish her lips form the few simple words…
“Thank you.”

Just that thought,
Just that ending to her long day,
Was enough, enough to feed him,
The fuel he needed to push on.

And in satisfying her…

He knew that he would satisfy himself,

And find the peace…

The true oasis he sought…

And needed,

So desperately.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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