There I sat.

Watching yet another glorious sunset.

Amber, turquoise, ruby…semi-precious gems of the evening.

Yet in that moment of splendor, those fading
Rays of golden sun outlined still, my faint shadow.

A dimmed silhouette of me… vanishing in the moment.

Emptying of form…

So defines my life without you.

Part of me, weakened, void of pulse,
Missing a life blood.

That’s what you bring.

You fill that emptiness.

You gift a form to what I long for,
And need desperately.

So, bring your light of love…

Fuel the dying embers of sun with your vibrancy…

Give me body, bring substance and meaning
To my life.

Sit here, close to me… now.

Fill that shadow with your beauty, and consummate commitment.

And in doing so, save me from a lonely sunset,
Missing you…
Needing you…

As much as the new day needs the splendor
Of a new dawn.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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