Her day started at 5am.
Not only to ready her children, and husband,
But to ready herself for another day of work.

It seemed like the tasks never stopped.
She wanted so badly to be a successful professional,
A caring and complete mother,
And a supportive and loving wife.

Somewhere between the first cry of her first newborn, so many years ago,
And today, when her boss asked her if she could put in just a few more hours,
The fatigue began to weigh on her…

On the way home, she struggled to accept,
That there would be no “me time” for her tonight.
Just a repeat of the pressure and responsibility to get her family to the end of another day.

As the garage door came down, she almost dreaded coming home,
To start her second shift.

But as she stepped into the kitchen,
Preparing herself for a rush questions,
And dinner duty,
And subsequent dishes to be washed…

Her husband was standing there,
To welcome her.

I’ve fed the kids, he said.

I’ve washed the dishes, and helped with homework.

Tonight, he said to his bride…

Tonight is your night…

How can I serve you?

The burden of life, I share with you.

I am in love…and deeply committed…

To you.

Now, and always.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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