At Sea

A man who has spent so many years at sea is confronted by two things…

First, the power of the oceans.
Towering greenish gray waves,
Harnessing rawness, enough to savage any of mankind’s creations.
One moment beautiful, tranquil…
The next angry, unforgiving, unstoppable.
Gifting grace and survival to only those respecting the ocean’s illimitable dominance.

Second, the saving vision of your beautiful face,
Even in the mighty anger of the seas,
Where my fear is real, and rightfully so,
I always see you, and feel the fierceness of my will to return home,
To survive,
To be held in your arms,
To feel your warmth on my chest.

That is how this sailor navigates the harshness of the sea,
And always finds his way home…to the safe harbor of your embrace.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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