What To Wear

I can see in your eyes the worry.
You’re anxious and struggling with what to wear to a very important meeting today.

I love the way you care so much about that.
Your look, what you choose to wear,
And how you choose to accessorize all,
Speaks to your classic sense of style.

But for now, you’re fraught.

I can help with the selection…

Wear your captivating eyes, that center your beauty.

Wear your gorgeous waves of curl, that hint at the fun and vitality of you.

Wear those sumptuous lips, plush, full,
Asking to be touched.

Wear your fierceness, sharp wit, and curious humor.
Challenge all who cross your path today.

Wear your heart…there…on your sleeve,
So everyone can see and sense the passion I succumb to,

Stop, just for a moment.
Look in the mirror, stand next to me.


Take a moment to observe your beauty,
What I am blessed to see, every morning.


Pick the outfit.
Add the jewelry.

And remember this…

Your glory and beauty will take away their breath,
As you do to me.



© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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