Go find it…

The top left drawer of your dresser.

Behind your panties,
Behind your lingerie,
To the left…the farthest back.

There is an envelope there.

That love letter I wrote to you,
So many years ago.
The envelope… original from the day I wrote it.

Take the envelope in your hands,
Lift the flap,
Resistant from the years of time,
Glue on that flap…yellowed.

There, inside…one page of parchment.
Waiting for you…now.

Pull the top third of the letter up,
Bend, now, the lower third down,
Exposing my hand writing, flowing across,
The page.

My longing for you, captured in those words,
Conveyed to your eyes now… again,
After all these years.

Read my verse.

Take them into your mind, first…then,
Into your heart.

My passion for you, transcribed so long ago,
Burns now… like then.

This moment…as at the moment I wrote those words,
Remains, still…describing again,

My affirmation of love for you.

Read again, and again,
And know this…

You were,
And are,
And will forever be…

My everything.


© 2017 W. C. Stacia, Jr.

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