Welcome To WCS Poetry

Thanks so much for visiting my site!

Our time on this earth is brief…
It’s a short journey, and in these precious moments, I want to relish the important things that make life meaningful.

At this point in my life, I felt an urge to capture my experiences, feelings, and thoughts in poetry and share them with others.   Each night, inspired by the sunset, I delve into a theme and craft that into verse, many of which you will see in WCS Poetry.  Take the offerings of this site as a testament of a new beginning for me,  an amazing re-creation  and one that has brought me much joy and peace.  Truly, food for my heart.

It is my most passionate wish to offer you the same.

All my best,



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8 thoughts on “Welcome To WCS Poetry

  1. “Testament of a new beginning”, “food for the heart”, “re-creation…joy and peace”–what’s not to love? I’m glad to have found you by virtue of your visit to my zillionth blog–wishing you all good things, God bless you.

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  2. new beginnings are a precious time – I wish you all the best on your writing journey. you offer really lovely poetry. You must have amazing sunsets.

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    1. Thank you Gina…that’s very special, and yes, I started this journey with the inspiration of beautiful sunsets guiding my words.

      I so much enjoy it….

      But more importantly…

      I so enjoy connecting with wonderful poets like you.

      You inspire me.

      Thank you!!

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      1. that is one of the most wonderful things about writing on word press it has introduced me to some amazing writers and like you I am deeply inspired by their writing and life. thank you for your kind words Bill. I love looking at the sky sunrise or sunset, I am always grateful for these moments.

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      2. Me too my friend….me too.

        Life is a gift.

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