What More Can We Do

There is no next step. Brief moments near one another, Hurt all the more When framed in The reality of our circumstances… Separated by a chasm Of never meant to be. In public, We manage to smile… But inside, Seen only by our eyes, When we share an intimate glance, There is so much more, […]

My Healer

When my life tears apart And the pain Cuts through me, Again… I look for you. When I struggle, So desperately, To be worthy of you, But fall short… I anguish For your understanding And acceptance. When I want to please you, And meet all your needs, Now, And forever, But leave an emptiness in […]


It wasn’t simply her looks… Edgy, Blended with casual elegance. It wasn’t simply the way she spoke… Forceful, Conveying both power and presence. It wasn’t simply the way she carried herself… As if challenging this woman Was done at Your own peril. It was an indescribable blend Of Intellect, And sexiness, And attractiveness, And beauty, […]

In Another World…

In another world, The love that burned Through them both… Could be fueled, To a forever fire. In another world, They could touch One another And savor The lingering Sweetness of their love-making. In another world, They could laugh And argue And do the chores And live a normal life, Growing old together. But in […]

When It Hurts The Most

Most days, He could overcome The pain… The longing… The desire… Just to see her. Just to touch her. It wasn’t that he didn’t Have a life… He simply didn’t have One… Without her. So, in the evening After a long, Hard day… When he poured himself A drink, Or maybe two… He couldn’t let […]