Between The Lines

With your eyes,Read my words,Study the structure,And tempo,Of this verse. Accept at face valueThe overt messageOf the phraseAnd dictionary-defined meaning. But please, Pause,Now. You know that there are constraintsShackling meIn this moment. You know that there are obstaclesLying before me, Preventing meFrom saying all thatI want to say, Obstructing my reachAnd closureAnd culminationWith my true […]

I Want To Be…

I knowThat you’ve struggled. StruggledTo see a way ahead. Struggled to senseA suretyIn what’s rightFor you,And your life. I’ve struggledToo. There’s nothing simpleAbout this… Is there? At every turn,We believeThat we’ve arrivedAt a consummation, We’ve finally foundOur one and only, No longer needingTo search. No longer needingTo hope. No longer wondering… When. Your timeIs here. […]