Beat…By Beat

Our world is neither defined, Nor limited, By the ordinary. There is no sense of time Prescribed by others… Defining our ticking clock, But rather, Such manifestations of the now Are proscribed by you and me. No one person, No social structure, No mass media, No technical revelation, No norm fomented and foisted By others… […]

It’s Only Natural

Reach into the fathoms of my emotion… Gaze into the depths of my eyes… Study the contours of my face. Let your fingers trace, A silken line across my cheek. Sense, On my skin, And deeply inside my flesh, A growing… And now racing… Rhythm. And with the pulsation, Do you feel the cascading warmth, […]

Almost Healed

Close… So close. My heart had nearly healed. Bandaged, To stop the hemorrhage Of emotion, My heart had Started to mend, Shielded blessedly With the scars Of monotony And routine. The thoughts of you, The dreams of you, The fantasies of you, Were passing. I had made it, Finally, To a separation. To a place […]

What If?

What if the scent of your life Was blown away by this world, Before inhaled by me? What if the taste of you Was diluted by the flood Of the routine? What if I, Sitting here, Now, Longing for you, Hungry for you… Wanted nothing for my life… Other than you? What if I was […]

What Keeps Me Awake

Perhaps it’s a blessing… Others, I know, Wake in the dead of night, Concerned about so much… Maybe problems at work, Or other distractions. But know this. I lose sleep as well. I find myself at daybreak, Groggy, Wistful, and yearning for rest. But my fatigue Is not brought about by Personal problems, Nor worries. […]